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Thank you Dr Bhawna for all your right advise and solution for my dad. He is a different person at home now and able to speak to me over phone. I am really grateful.
Geeta Puri, IT Professional, USA

Hi Bhawna, thank you for coordinating with mom in my absence and retuning her aids. It am so relieved and thank you for your compassionate service.
Archna Tandon, Lecturer, New Zealand

Excellent services and very good treatment.
Vikrant Vasudeva, Businessman, Panchkula

My son Pulkit was having a lot of sound problems. But now with the efforts of Bhawna, he can speak correctly. I shall always be thankful to Bhawna Mam
Mother of Pulkit, Panchkula

I gained confidence by coming here, I have improved my speech.
Prateek Grover, Businessman, Panchkula

I would like to thank you for listening to my long story and understanding why I did not wear a hearing aid. My experience with hearing aids was bitter, as I had spent a lot of money already on these machines but for no use. Thank you for not pushing me to buy and letting me take my time.
Mr Rai, Retired IFS, Panchkula

You are offering amazing services and I am impressed the way you handled my mother. She had been delaying her decision to use a hearing aid but now she is used to it and taking care of it.
Shalini Gupta, CA, Ambala

My family is grateful for you efforts. We did not know what to do in this situation but I think it is because of you we postponed Cochlear Implants for our son. He goes out and plays with his friends and like his school now.
Neeraj Jain, Businessman, Ambala

I am all ready to tell everyone how fast you got us that hearing aid. One of my friends will fax you her audiogram so please tune the same hearing aid for her as well. She is reaching India next month and will contact you as soon she is in Chandigarh for trial. Thank you for everything!
Nirmal Bhatti, Banker, Canada

Thank you for taking all the time needed to work with me through the adaptation phase. I really appreciate your patience and even more your knowledge about the subject.
Sq. Leader V. P. Sharma

Receiving my machines through FedEx was wonderful. I have been using them as you told me and people hardly notice them. Will see you again next time I am in Chandigarh.
Alika Tandon, IT Manager, USA

I was reluctant to go the dealer from where I purchased my hearing aid as they could not programe it as per my need. You understood what I wanted and reprogrammed as per my requirement. Thank you!
S. K. Sharma, Bank Manager, Chandigarh

I have been to various speech rehabilitation centres for my daughter within last four years; here for the first time I have actually felt the real improvement coming in the speech and understanding of concepts in my daughter. Excellent on all scores.
Dr Gatha Sharma, Chandigarh

An excellent doctor who understood my basic hearing problem and provided a better solution for that. She is very polite and caring.
Maj B G Mishra

She is very friendly which makes easy for me to told my problems frankly and it helps me to reduce fear and to gain confidence. As I think maximum problems of my were discussed and a effective solution I get for those.
Pankaj, Businessman, Chandigarh

Excellent working and after sales service and guidance/advice. I am personally fully satisfied.
Brig Rao

I am a retired deputy secretary from Haryana Government. My hearing impaired to a quite high degree. I started feeling depressed and disconnected from the surroundings. The doctors advised me to use good quality digital hearing aids. I contacted many centers providing such services but I was not satisfied. A competent ENT specialist recommended the name of Dr Bhawna Jain, Audiologist for this purpose. I visited Hearing Rehabilitation Clinic, NAC, Housing Board Chowk, Chandigarh. I found Dr Bhawna Jain to be a very efficient and master of her profession. Her advice from all angles viz economy, utility and durability of the aid proved to be 100% correct. She is always gracefully available for any kind of service/advice in this regard. Her guidance is always meaningful. I wish Dr Bhawna Jain a prosperous life and all round success in her career. May God bless her with good health and long life.
Mr Ram Saran, Retired Deputy Secretary, Haryana Government

Excellent on all scores
Mr Gaurav Girdhar, Private Job, Panchkula

Dr Bhawna is a good doctor. My child’s progress in speech therapy is very good. The services are good.
Ms Anu Priya, Housewife, Chandigarh

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